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Services Offered

Ward Al Yasmin Technical Services LLC is dedicated to ensuring that the value of assets held by our clients is enhanced through maximizing rental income and capital returns, whether by financial planning or physical management.

Building whether commercial, industrial or residential, presents a unique opportunity for providing management services to compliment its design and construction, giving an opportunity to improve occupational standards and investment return.

From a corporate perspective we offer various facility management services like office cleaning, maintenance of equipment, security services and also administrative services like front office Boys, etc.

Building Operations

Mechanical and Electrical maintenance

We establish the basis of service contractors for all services including:

• Building Cleaning Service

• Air-conditioning Systems

• Sewerage

• Electrical Installation including back up supply

• Plumbing Apparatus, Pumps, Sanitary units etc.

We ensure that service contracts are complied with and check that the necessary work has been carried out correctly.

The main focus of Ward Al Yasmin Technical Services LLC mechanical and electrical maintenance is on predictive and preventive maintenance.

Ward Al Yasmin Technical Services LLC establishes the servicing and preventative maintenance programs for all routine maintenance by well qualified technicians and supervises the implementation of these works.

We prepare a schedule of spare parts to be held by the owner, arrange for their purchase and proper storage within the premises.

Soft Services


The level of cleaning services to be provided is to be of the highest standard without compromise to complement each development’s / estates design and finishes. Ward Al Yasmin Technical Services LLC will appoint a cleaning company to carry out housekeeping services in accordance with the international specifications and will enforce the best housekeeping practices anywhere in the world.

We would prepare a comprehensive cleaning schedule for the entire development we manage showing items to be attended to daily, weekly, monthly, etc; and impose strict supervision on a daily basis of the successful contractor.

Property Caretaker Services

Safety of the buildings, its’ assets and its occupants is of utmost importance to Ward Al Yasmin Technical Services LLC Both these services go hand in hand and are not exclusive from each other. We initiate and implement a suitable security program for the building, employ a competent security team, monitor its performance and ensure well trained personnel of a suitable caliber are available at all times. Security (care taker) is not just the presence of guards at vulnerable parts of a building. It is a service to monitor safety and occupant traffic, assist in all areas of management and to generally be the eyes and ears of the building.